Adaptive Terrain

Walkways Starter Set


Allow your troops to move about in the underhives, or have walkways between your buildings. This kit will give your games a new level. Redesigned to make them fully modular. Whatever you design  the clips will always match up.

The kit contains 2 lg straight, 1 medium, 1 corner, an end piece that contains a removable hatch and half an octogan room. Enough rails, clips and posts to make a variety of setups. It also it comes with a ramp converter to change one of the straights into a ramp. It is designed to be as versatile as possible where the only thing to hold you back is your own imagination. 

The end peice also allows you to combine this kit with our old kits.

This kit will fit with the old GW plastic bulkheads. It is detailed enough to use straight away although will be easy to customise.

Ideal for 28mm scale



Name:  Walkways Starter Set
Model No.  20180103IND009
In Stock: 98
Product added: 31/10/2019

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