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Ground to Air Repeater


Give your armies the firepower they deserve.

This MDF terrain kit contains one defence gun and one gun platform. The gun is designed to move up and down while the platform can be configured either as a mobile stand or a static firebase.

This product can be added to the defence lines, adding them to your bunkers or behind the lines to help defend your lines. They can also be added to our Iron Gulch range as defence on top of your buildings or our Iron industries range to give your refinery much needed protection. They can also be a formidable MDF scenery piece in their own right.

These are ideal for 28mm scale wargaming but will not look out of place in 10/15mm scale as large fortress size weaponry. 

Models for scale purpose only. Models from Pig Iron productions and FFG.

Ideal for 28mm scale wargaming and 10/15mm wargaming as large fortress guns.

Kits supplied unassembled and unpainted. 

Models for scale purpose only. Models from Pig Iron productions and FFG.

Name:  Ground to Air Repeater
Model No.  20200525DEF108
In Stock: 99
Product added: 25/05/2020

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