Iron Gulch - The Game

Iron Gulch is an intense action skirmish game. Based upon an innovative dice mechanic and true line of sight this simple to learn difficult to master fast paced game will have you developing new tactics to achieve victory. Allowing you to make any Sci fi gang you can imagine, place your models with care as mistakes will be punished.


Wealth and prosperity once blessed the citizens of Iron Gulch who’d flocked from distant stars in search of its valuable iron ore known as Darrellium. Like an undulating sea; thousands of mines bore down into the desert wastelands while vast cities rose upwards around them. Even the poor drank wine as they basked in an abundance of riches. Peace reigned for a thousand years until civilisation began to fall.

One by one the mines dried up. Poverty gave way to famine, famine spread disease. Local militia’s exercised in genocide as law and order collapsed beneath an insatiable wave of violence. Crime polluted the population; ferocious Gangs emerging from within the chaos like a cancer seeping in through the wounds of a fractured society. Within the catacombs of refineries belching fumes into the atmosphere, beneath the neon glow of bar signs illuminating back alley brothels, and amidst the seas of cargo containers built up into dilapidated housing districts; mighty Gang Lords surge from within the shadows shedding blood to gain territory and murdering to survive. Salvation emerges with the discovery of a new mine, but where mineral ore pours from Gulch, so too does the blood of endless Gangs warring for its control.

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